website-+grey-color+blockCoupeville is the second oldest town in the majestic state of Washington.  Located at the central point of Whidbey Island, Coupeville is sits on the edge of Penn Cove (part of the Salish Sea).

Explore historic Coupeville through our interactice history site.  Click on a building and read its history. The site was built by the Whidbey Island 4-H Club AV project for the Coupeville Historic Waterfront. Our 4-H clubs are the best! 




Join our effort to help preserve the Coupeville wharf.  The wharf is 110 years old and one of the largest wharfs of it’s kind in Washington and the country.

Contribute TODAY

Today the Wharf needs your support. Annual Port budgets often need a rainy day fun.Make donations to Pennies for Preservation from it’s page here on our site, or by dropping your change into jars in our local shops or our Mini Wharf collection box (located at the entry of the causeway to the Wharf). Online contributions accepted here.

IMG_2524Most recently a(2016) study gauged some piling replacements at $500,000.  It is imperative that the Coupeville Wharf be preserved for generations to come. All size contributions accepted and needed. Please contribute today.


2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Anonymous said:

    Whoever maintains this website does a good job! Keep up the good work.

  2. same as above said:

    Ditto on maintaining a great website! Thank you all. Here’s a copy of Letter to Whidbey Examiner: Most of our heart and soul still resides in Coupeville. . . and will forever.

    How profoundly grateful we are for the dedication of Charlotte’s Bench. Only Charlotte could anchor her family and embrace a whole town as she did.

    Thank you all for giving the embrace back.

    Sincerely (Wow! We couldn’t mean it more.),
    Maury and Julie (Christensen) Fielding