Be Haunted in Coupeville all through the month of October

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Beginning October 11th, 2014 gather CHWA Red Tickets for a chance to win big on December 21st. 2014 

Every $20.00 worth of purchases gets you a red ticket.  Participating businesses listed on the Red Ticket Poster.

Shop local ~ Shop Often



The Mission of the Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association (CHWA) is to strengthen, promote and maintain our successful historic downtown district.

We use the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street Four Point Program to achieve our mission for historic Coupeville.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the preservation and revitalization of Coupeville’s traditional and historic commerce core.

CHWA is funded by membership dues, grants and the annual Mussel Festival (its most delicious annual event). 

CHWA’s focus is putting our unique location, and architecture, to work for the good of our community.  As a catalyst for economic growth and community pride, CHWA is comprised of local business, building and homeowners.

Design, organization, economic sustainability, and promotion are the cornerstones of our purpose. 

Design: Promote, research and support the improvements and enhancements that benefit the historic downtown Coupeville.

Organization: Achieve consensus and cooperation between businesses, building owners, citizens and groups, who have an invested roll in the Coupeville preservation and revitalization process.

Economic Sustainability: Continually seeking to strengthen the economic assets of historic downtown of Coupeville, promoting easily accessed, affordable, recreation, dining, shopping and relaxation to local and tourist visitors alike.

Promotion: Creating a cohesive and positive environment for business and property owners, local citizens, visitors, customers, historians, potential investors and new businesses, based on Coupeville’s unique history, location and downtown attributes. 

Ebey’s Landing National Historic Reserve self guided walking tour of historic Coupeville booklet – click here


3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Anonymous said:

    Whoever maintains this website does a good job! Keep up the good work.

  2. Robin Hertlein said:

    I’m out of town, but I heard that Vickie is looking for a copy of last year’s grant application. Please send me your email address and I can forward a copy to you.

  3. same as above said:

    Ditto on maintaining a great website! Thank you all. Here’s a copy of Letter to Whidbey Examiner: Most of our heart and soul still resides in Coupeville. . . and will forever.

    How profoundly grateful we are for the dedication of Charlotte’s Bench. Only Charlotte could anchor her family and embrace a whole town as she did.

    Thank you all for giving the embrace back.

    Sincerely (Wow! We couldn’t mean it more.),
    Maury and Julie (Christensen) Fielding