Waterfront News

There’s always something going on along Coupeville’s historic Waterfront. Right now there are several historic preservation projects and some Coupeville Wharf projects.

Coupeville’s Historic Waterfront Buildings Preservation/Renovation

#12 Front St. Coupeville Cash Store – Circa 1886

Owner’s Von and Barbara Summers have taken a deep dive into preserving #12 since purchasing this 135 year old building in 2019. Originally home to a wagon shop and Coupeville Cash store this building is one of the largest historic buildings in Coupeville. Using many local contractors, up to the task of dealing with a building this old, Von and Barbara have left no board unturned in their pursuit to improve the stability and viability of the large structure. At finish the building with be home to commercial and living/staying space.

Spring 2021: Stay tuned. We’ll be bringing you more photos as the renovations progress on #12 Front St.

#12 Front Street was built in 1886. At that time property owner John Robertson entered into a lease agreement with blacksmith J.J. Straub. This agreement allowed Straub to build a building within two months time. Rent at 50¢ a month. If Straub did not wish to buy the building at the end of the lease, a suitable price would be given by Robertson. It was agreed that Straub could use the lower part of the building as a wagon shop. Over the years the building has taken on many lives. Find out more about the history of #12 at our history site > here.

Haller House – Circa 1866

Left unoccupied and un-maintained for decades the Haller house had rain coming through the roof, raccoons as it’s only resident’s and a sad and dark look before Historic Whidbey purchased it in 2018.

Condition at purchase – Video Credit: Island County Tourism Committee – Go Whidbey Camano Islands

Sitting on a knoll at the corner’s of Front and Main street’s on the historic waterfront, Haller is in the process of being fully renovated thanks to Historic Whidbey, local and state benefactors, federal and state departments and grants.

STAY TUNED – Photos of Haller restoration are coming!