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There’s always something going on along Coupeville’s historic Waterfront.

#12 Front St. Coupeville Cash Store – Circa 1886

PRIVATE PROJECT: Since purchasing #12 Front St. in 2019, new owner’s Von and Barbara Summers have taken a deep dive into renovating this 135 year old building. Originally home to a wagon shop and Coupeville Cash store this building is one of the largest original settlement buildings in Coupeville. Using many local contractors with experience working with and in our oldest buildings Von and Barbara have left no board unturned in their pursuit to improve the stability and viability of the large structure. At finish the building with be home to commercial and living/staying spaces.

Spring 2021: Stay tuned. We’ll be bringing you more photos as the renovations progress on #12 Front St.

#12 Front Street was built in 1886. At that time property owner John Robertson entered into a lease agreement with blacksmith J.J. Straub. This agreement allowed Straub to build a building within two months time. Rent at 50¢ a month. If Straub did not wish to buy the building at the end of the lease, a suitable price would be given by Robertson. It was agreed that Straub could use the lower part of the building as a wagon shop. Over the years the building has taken on many lives. Find out more about the history of #12 at our history site > here.

OUR PROJECT: Renovating the entry of the Wharf – 2019 – 2021

Thanks to our membership, B&O contributors, citizen contributions, and the Coupeville Lions, we have be afforded the opportunity to revive the entry of the Wharf. The project will happen in phases over a period of a year plus (image gallery is updated periodically), after several years of savings and consultations.

Over the last 3 years we’ve been consulted by and worked with local citizens of particular skills and businesses who’ve helped us navigate the cautionary issues the (fill) bluff of the Wharf’s entry sits on. The gas tanks for marine use, water and electrical lines, two large double pink ornamental cherry trees and kiosks were all important concerns. The final outcome is simple, useful, un-obstructive to the Wharf’s operating systems, and durable in design.

Project includes entry pad, tree wells, kiosks and adding stairs to the picnic tables flanking the western bluff.

After much discussion, cost analysis, and permit seeking thanks goes to the number of CHWA friends, associates and local businesses who helped reach the physical work! There’s a bit more to come, so stay tuned. Images will be updates.

Haller House – Circa 1866

NON-PROFIT PROJECT – This is one of the most epic undertakings of restorations we’ve ever seen in Coupeville or on Whidbey Island. Built in 1866 and left un-maintained or occupied for several of most recent decades the Haller house is now under the ownership of the not-for-profit Historic Whidbey.

We are proud to be a supporter and cheerleader in the Historic Whidbey’s efforts to return Haller to safe, habitable and secured condition.

Once finished the building and restored garden’s will be home to Historic Whidbey’s territorial education center and mercantile.

Visit Historic Whidbey’s website for pictures of the restoration processes and all you need to know about Coupeville’s Haller House.

Video shows the condition of Haller at purchase and information about the long range plans for the house and property – Video Credit: Island County Tourism Committee – Go Whidbey Camano Islands

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