All around Coupeville and Penn Cove there are beaches to comb.  

Directly along down town Coupeville the beach is breathtaking and full of life.

Walking along the cove will provide you with vast views and more than enough to see at your feet. Wildlife includes, mussels and assorted shelled animals, seals, sea otters, eagles, blue herons, king fishers, seagulls, crows, the occasional whales, and countless others.

Photo opportunities are never ending, providing you with swinging 360 degree views of Saratoga Pass all the way to Mount Baker to your northeast, and the wharf and sunset to the west (summer) and southwest (winter).

Visit the Island County Tourism Beach map to locate more accessible beaches around Coupeville and Central Whidbey

sws-logo-rgbSound Water Stewards are available to provide you with valuable information about our beaches.  Visit their site. “Access to our beaches is as varied as the type of beaches that grace our shoreline. Some beaches, are in urban areas and are an easy walk from a parking lot. Other beaches are accessible only by boat. Many beaches are privately owned, down to the tidelands, and care must be taken to not trespass.”

We heart our beaches.