Grants – Help Coupeville Come Back From Covid19



The Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association has set an ambitious goal to raise $20,500 to be distributed throughout the summer as no-strings attached grants to our waterfront businesses most affected by the COVID19 shut-down. 

We have given out over 11 thousand dollars in grants as of now.

The COVID shut-downs are the most financially devastating thing Coupeville and American small business owners have ever experienced. Their survival is vital the 1000’s of small communities like ours.

It is our goal, with your help, to provide small businesses within our historic catchment with the little extra they need to weather this year. These grants may represent a small amount of the sales historic waterfront businesses have LOST during the closures but more importantly they represent community support for the scariest days they’ve ever faced owning a business.

100% of the money raised along with our contribution (through our budget) will be distributed as non-restrictive grants. 

Can you give $20? Can you give $200? Please pitch in what every you can.


You can also mail your donation to: Coupeville Historic Waterfront Assoc. PO Box 121, Coupeville 98239. Please put “I Love Coupeville” in the memo.

Washington State Small business stats for 2019

608,956 Washington has ‘Small Businesses’

99.5% of Washington businesses are small businesses

51.4% of Washington Employees work at Small Businesses

1.4 million Washingtonian’a are small business Employees

FULL Small Business data snap shot from the U.S. Small Business Administration

As it stands today those numbers are (sadly) going down. Community help to our friends and neighbors who own small businesses will (no doubt) benefit all of us in the end. Please give if you’re able. Help keep the doors open and the lights on. Thank you.



A story of flowers, good ideas, loving our community and everyone wanting to help during a very tough time!

Filling Whidbey’s iconic inn with a new selection of cut flowers in spring of 2020? Great idea and that was the intention of The Captain Whidbey Inn. Tall French tulips from their Chef’s garden would grace the inn and dinning room, and to that end they invested in the valuable bulbs. Not 10 bulbs, or 20 but 100’s.

Fast forward several months and the tulips were starting to poke up in the garden. Perfect. One could just imagine how the Inn’s guests would delight over the long stemmed beauties gracing their rooms and dinning tables.

Fast forward to mid-March. Boom! The coronavirus shut down of Washington state non-essential businesses HIT, and no one was going to be able to enjoy the inn or their tulips.

Then along came Salty Acres Farm‘s, Tonneli, to the rescue.

As a local farmer, and a floral industry professional, Tonneli isn’t used to people not being able to enjoy flowers. Her goal is for everyone to enjoy cut flowers. So between her and her flower farming family, she thought those tulips could be a way to bring joy to people and maybe help raise some helpful money during the COVID19 shut-down.

Tonneli pitched the idea that the Inn donate the cut tulips for a COVID19 cause. Well, it was a no-brainer for Captain Whidbey and of course they jumped at the chance of having TWO good things come out of their tulips.

Tonneli enlisted the help of her mom and family, and brought their offer to raise money for historic waterfront businesses to us. Of course we loved the idea and agreed to match each bouquet donation in order to boost small no strings attached grants to shuttered small businesses within our historic catchment along the waterfront.

So off we went. The flowers were cut. Then One Willow Farm jumped in and donated fancy daffodils for the bouquets and things just kept getting more beautiful. The bouquets were made by Tonneli and Kim at Salty Acres farm. They were then loaded onto the farm’s ‘honor’ stand and residents could take the gorgeous bouquets home at a great price, plus we matched their cost.

When Gloria, owner of Whidbey Party Girls, shared a picture of her bouquet we knew the flower loving residents of central Whidbey were excited to get some cheer in their homes AND help our local businesses weather the storm to boot. More and more residents rallied to buy the bouquets, enjoy the blooms and have the happiness of helping small business owning friends, neighbors and family through this COVID crisis.

Then the tulip energy bloomed even further

A week or so passed since the first success and Captain Whidbey had more tulips coloring up. Happily Salty Acres was ready to cut them and 3 Sister’s Market joined in to have the grant boosting bouquets in their store.

Then additional Grant help came along

Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 5.59.21 PMAshley’s Designs of Oak Harbor generously offered a $10.00 contribution for every “I Love Coupeville” Heart T-Shirt purchase from mid-March through May 13th. With this wonderful and generous gesture and the grant fund grew exponentially!

We can’t thank all donors, contributors and community partners enough for helping us provide these grants to our local business owners. A healthy downtown is vital for the economic success and sustainability of Coupeville as a town.


Say I Love Coupeville with your contribution.