Facade Improvement Grants

The Historic Waterfront Assoc. Facade Improvement Grant assist in costs of improvements to downtown commercial buildings. 

Who is eligible:  All members of the Coupeville Waterfront Association owning buildings within the HISTORIC catchment area of downtown Coupeville. 

Our Facade Grants SHARE the costs of planned facade improvements with the property owner. Percentage of our share varies with each project.

Email Historic Waterfront Assoc. Executive Director Vickie Chambers to submit grant. Grant deadline’s are announced year to year.


Vail’s Wine Shop and Tasting Room: Located at 22 Front St in the old Gillespie Livery, circa 1889.

Facade Grant: Portion of costs for new shed roof on front and window work. 

Read the history of 22 Front St. 

Toby’s Tavern:  Located at 8 Front St in the old Whidbey Mercantile, circa 1875.

Facade Grant: Portion of costs for new shed roof and painting. 

Read history of 8 Front. St.

Posh Upscale Resale: Located at 23 Front St. within the old Cushen Ford (now called Mariner’s Court), circa 1920.

Facade Grant: Paint for common area shared wood wall. 

Read history of 23 Front St.

Aqua Gifts: Located at 2 Front St. in the old Puget Race Drug Store, circa 1890.

Facade Grant: New boards for sidewalk.

Read History of 2 Front St.