Park Smart


During the busiest months and seasons of the year, downtown Coupeville business owners and employees take care to park away from street parking and Rec Hall parking lot to save parking spaces for residents and visitors. 

In summer and early fall, June through October, the Historic Waterfront awards a monthly 50.00 prize to business owners and employees who “park smart”. 

Pink areas are for resident shoppers, service customers and diners. Employees and business owners park in “PARK HERE” green area.  

CHWA A A Park Smart

NOTE: Every Saturday’s Park Smarters enter their special area from above the library on Alexander  for Coupeville’s Farmers Market set up and open hours (6:00am to 4:00pm)




2018 July Park Smart Winner – Sarah bird works at Lavender Wind. She has been parking in the lot behind the library all season long and we are excited to award her with the $50 cash prize for her diligence.



2018 June Park Smart Winner – Tanya Hale of Kneed and Feed. Tanya knows that keeping street parking spaces open improves the opportunity for residents and visitors to dine at Kneed and Feed. 

Tanya is pictured here with Historic Waterfront Executive Director Vickie Chambers.



2017 October Park Smart Winner – Norma at Lavender Wind Farm Store. Norma, like all downtown Coupeville business owners and employees has a block long walk to work from the Park Smart lot. 

Thank you and congratulations Norma

2017 September Park Smart Winner – Susan at bayleaf. Susan parks smart all summer long and boy does it pay off! 

Thank you and congratulations Susan


2017 August Park Smart Winner – Aaron at bayleaf is the Park Smart winner for August. Generously Aaron has asked that her $50 prize money be rolled into the September prize money.

Thank you and congratulations Aaron.


2017 July Park Smart Winner – Josh Datin. Josh works at both Knead & Feed and bayleaf.EXTRA bonus bayleaf’s Beth matched our 50.00 and he went home with $100 for Parking Smart.

Josh always parks on the town green below the Coupeville Library. Thank you to Josh and Beth!

2017 June 2017 Park Smart Winner – Michael Tu. Michael is the bread baker for The Oystercatcher restaurant.

Micheal gets to work between 5 – 6 am and parks smart on the town green west of the Coupeville Library. Thank you Michael!

NOTE: In rainy season (November through May) WE DO NOT PARK on the Town Green, but in the gravel lot below the Coupeville Library. The cost of reseeding and repairing any damaged grass during the rainy season is a financial burden to our town. Please park in gravel lot during the winter and early spring – Nov through May. 

NOTE: During the Coupeville Farmers Market season enter the town green from the Alexander St. side – NOT next to the barn. After 4pm the entrance at the barn is open again.

Historic downtown business owners and employees should email to request a “Park Smart” tri-fold for your vehicle’s dash.