Prizes for Downtown Coupeville Employees Who 


You Make a Difference to your success, the success of your employer and your own wallet by PARKING SMART in Coupeville. 

Want to see more tips on the table? Want to welcome more shoppers to your shop? Want to win valuable prizes? You can make it easier for your customers to reach, and reward, YOU!

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A monthly prize of a Coupeville waterfront shopping spree will be awarded to the owner of of a smartly-parked vehicle.  

SUNDAY through FRIDAY: PARK in Gravel Lot next to library or on the Town Green

SATURDAY: PARK on Gravel Lot or Town Green ABOVE the Coupeville Farmers Market.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 8.52.52 AMWHAT DIFFERENCE DOES MY CAR MAKE?

  • There are 120 -140 street (and Rec. Hall lot) parking spaces and 36 businesses (retail and restaurant)
  • 80-100 individuals work or live in the neighborhood with no designated parking.
  • Each vehicle is worth $90 per hour ($720 per day) average spending (per WADOT). That means about $90,000 per day is the value of all parking in the neighborhood.
  • If half of the parking spaces are occupied all day by neighborhood workers and residents, the loss could be $45,000, or to put it another way, each business potentially loses $1,250 per day if only half the parking spaces are available.
  • Wait staff could losing potentially $90 a day (per business) in tips, not to mention a chance at monthly parking rewards that neighborhood workers might win from this new Park Smart program.

If your vehicle is identified as PARKING SMART the license plate is entered into a drawing. During the prime months, from June through September, one of those numbers will be drawn and awarded a $50 prize twice a month. From October through May, prizes will be awarded once a month.

SUNDAY through FRIDAY: PARK in Gravel Lot next to library or on the Town Green

SATURDAY: PARK on Gravel Lot or Town Green ABOVE the Coupeville Farmers Market.

Come to this web page to see if your license plate is a winner, then contact the CHWA via email ( to collect!

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We’ve all heard it!  People donate shop in downtown Coupeville because they can’t find a place to park.

Really? Yes. In our culture, parking spots are important and there are people who just drive away if they can’t find a parking spot. If nothing else, doing our part to make parking accessible is a friendly thing to do, it is one way of welcoming people into the community.