Park Smart


Downtown Coupeville business owners and employees take care to park away from shopper, diner and service customer parking by parking off our downtown main arteries; biking or walking to work.  

Visitor, shopper and diner parking is available on local streets (Front, Alexander and Coveland), the Coupeville Rec Hall Parking lot, the gravel lot next to the Coupeville Library and surrounding streets.  Coupeville is a small town, you are NEVER more than 3 blocks from your destination. 

What difference does a car make to the local economy?

  • Locals and visitors alike will visit, shop, eat, and use services more if parking is convenient and available.
  • There are 120 -140 street (and Rec. Hall lot) parking spaces and 36 businesses (retail and restaurant)
  • Each vehicle is worth $90 per hour ($720 per day) average spending (per WADOT). That means about $90,000 per day is the value of all parking in the neighborhood.
  • If half of the parking spaces are occupied all day by neighborhood workers and residents, the loss could be $45,000, or to put it another way, each business potentially loses $1,250 per day if only half the parking spaces are available.
  • Wait staff could losing potentially $90 a day (per business) in tips, not to mention a chance at monthly parking rewards that neighborhood workers might win from this new Park Smart program.

A monthly prize is awarded to the local employee of a smartly-parked vehicle. The Coupeville Historic Waterfront will contact the winner directly beginning end of June 2017.

Email to request a “Park Smart” tri-fold for your vehicle’s dash. 

Employees and business owners park in “PARK HERE” green area.  Pink areas are for everyone else.  

NOTE: Saturday’s during the Coupeville Farmers Market parking is only allowed in gravel lot, NOT Town Green, until 4pm (after market clears).