Maritime Washington National Heritage Area – Let’s ZOOM – May 6th


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As an Anchor Organization to the “Maritime Washington – National Heritage Area” we’re excited to see this public workshop opportunity! Join us for an educational and interesting time.


THURSDAY – MAY 6th – 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Through polls, group discussions and interactive features, Maritime Washington – National Heritage Area program staff will seek public engagement in discovering how best Maritime Washington – NHA could help serve the needs and futures of our unique waterfront communities.

During the main part of the workshop you’ll be able to share through polls, small group discussions, and other interactive activities. Workshop will focus on regional needs, priorities, goals and community takes and suggestions. 

Managed by the nonprofit Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, MW-NHA works to build partnerships and increase collaboration in order to support our coastal communities in celebrating, maintaining, and sharing their water-based stories.

Island and San Juan county residents register here for May 6th NHA workshop

Workshop is cost free. Pre-registration required

First half hour of the workshop will be an introduction to the program by program staff.

National Heritage Areas (NHAs) are designated by the United States Congress as places where natural, cultural, and historic resources make for a nationally important landscape.

MORE FAQ’s on Maritime Washington’s NHA designation

Over the next year Washington’s MW-NHA program will be working with coastal communities to chart a course for the MW-NHA based on community engagements. Throughout the first half of 2021, there will be lots of opportunities for waterfront citizens to share their views and ideas through virtual workshops, surveys, social media, focus groups,and more. These collaborative efforts will culminate in a MW-NHA management plan, which will serve as a framework for how we’ll work together for Washington’s maritime futures.

Coupeville helps anchor national Maritime Heritage Area – Whidbey Weekly

We’re off and running assisting those in need.


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Every year at the beginning of fall and throughout the holidays the Historic Waterfront organizes our Community Care Teams to gather greatly needed items to be distributed to local seniors, disabled adults and children in need. This year it’s especially important to up our offerings and we hope you can help, or share with someone who can.

Needed items listed below

Monetary contributions ARE tax deductible

ALL items purchased through your contribution, or purchased by you directly go to Island County Human Services. Their staff will make sure those most in need receive what Community Care teams have generated.

Our first 2020 delivery to Health and Human Services was received with great appreciation! 

Can you help us make the next delivery? YOU chose how to help. Give a monetary donation online right now and we’ll purchase assorted items from the list below, OR you can buy items from the list and bring them to the office. 

You can safely donate through paypal.

If you rather not donate online, mail a check to Coupeville Historic Waterfront, P.O. Box 121, Coupeville, WA 98239. Please put “Community Care” on the check’s memo. 

For drop off’s of items you’ve purchased from the list below, the CHWA office is located on Coveland behind and below Balanced Body Works – 6 Coveland – map. Dropped off items are ONLY collected October through December 19th. Monetary donations are taken year round.

IF the office is closed put your donations in the box outside the office door.

If you’re donating grocery, gas or gift cards you’ve purchased yourself, please email our Executive Director Vicky Chambers to arrange for a drop off or pick up. 


PLEASE – NO used items. 


Blankets/sleeping bags

Toilet paper

Kids tooth brushes/tooth paste

Adult toothbrushes/toothpaste

Diaper wipes

Grocery store gift cards (Red Apple or Safeway $10 each)

Gas gift cards ($10.00 each)

Laundry soapmanageable weight sizes please.

New socks (men’s crew/women’s)**greatly needed

New Underwear (men’s and women’s)

Paper towels


Adult wipes

Adult depends  

Feminine products

Cotton balls/Q-tips


Travel size shampoo/soap/deodorant/etc. personal hygiene items   

Bath towels/wash clothes

$ Quarters for laundromatGreat way to get the kids involved!!

Coffee cards/ fast food gift cards

Sweat pants and tops for men and women

Razors (male and female)

Plastic silverware/cups


Ziploc bags

Large garbage bags

Dog food/cat food/bird foodPet’s are family too

Hand and feet warmers

Clorox wipes

We are grateful to everyone who has a heart for those in need. Thank you!!!


CYBER Pumpkin Decorating Contest!


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Here we go! Time to bring Halloween pumpkin decorating into cyber space!

Along with 3 Sisters Market, the Coupeville Chamber, Island Transit, Rain Shadow Nursery and bayleaf, we’re sponsoring a cyber pumpkin contest

Paint or carve you’re pumpkin. Bring it down to the historic waterfront, take a picture on top of one of our hay bales, then LOAD IT UP to the contest’s website.

Oct. 17th through Oct. 27th load your pumpkins pics!

October 31st top 3 winners will be announced through Whidbey News Times

YOU’LL WIN PRIZES from downtown businesses!

In Coupeville YOU can get pumpkins at Sherman Pioneer Farm and Red Apple Prairie Center Market.

Sherman’s Pioneer Farm – 46 S Ebey Rd – map

Red Apple Prairie Center Market – 408 S Main St – map

Here’s some decorating inspiration from the Pumpkin Race!

We have canceled the Pumpkin race this year, but we’ll be back next year! Till then here’s some pumpkin decorating inspiration. For the cyber decorating contest you can carve or paint!

COVID – Grants Gratitude and Help


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We are so glad – overjoyed really – we were able to find some money in our budget to develop the “Help Coupeville Come Back From Covid19” grants.

Starting with the dollars we earmarked, the efforts of The Captain Whidbey Inn, Salty Acres Farm, 3 Sisters Market, One Willow Farm, Ashley’s Design’s, our Pennies for Preservation givers and countless other donors who jumped on the cause, we were able to give over 11 thousand dollars in unrestricted grants to 20 small businesses in our historic catchment in May.

Since then we have been focused on June grants. We hope you’ll consider helping us make another round of grants for our local business owners this month. Small businesses across the country, state and county are struggling still and they need as much community support as they can get.

In this post we’re including just a few of the thank you’s we’ve received from the May grants so you can read for yourself just how much these grants are needed and appreciated.

Though able to open with Phase 2 guidelines, our local small business owners are not out of the economic woods from the closures. The burden of an extensive amount of lost revenue and bills still rolling in, the majority of our local business owners are treading carefully and peddling as fast as they can.

Based on the thanks we’ve received from May grant recipients it’s obvious they needed them, and are deeply grateful for this kind of community support.

We hope you’ll consider helping us get the June grant money up to a healthy amount. The May granting was a total of 20 grants at $564.00 each. Enough to make a dent in the ongoing bills, personal protective gear for reopening or necessary stock to facilitate opening.

As we see sales in reopened stores we also see less customers. These are tough times, please help if you’re able.


You can safely give to the grants through paypal. Or you can also mail your donation to: Coupeville Historic Waterfront Assoc. PO Box 121, Coupeville 98239. Please put “I Love Coupeville – Covid Relief Grants” in the memo. All gifts are tax deductible. 

Read the full story of the COVID grants beginnings

More thank you’s!

We also gave grants to 3 non-profits. More assurances our community cares!

We’ll share more of the thank you messages as they come in!

The community came out strong for the May grants and local business owners (our friends and family) are ever grateful.

If you can help with the June grants and/or share our plea that would be incredibly helpful.

Whether you can afford to give or not your love of Coupeville and acknowledgement of these economically dangerous times for our local businesses helps. Keep the faith, we’ll get through this together.


Mailing a check – Make out to Coupeville Historic Waterfront Assoc. PO Box 121, Coupeville 98239. Please put “I Love Coupeville – Covid Relief Grants” in the memo.

Silver linings and our $20,000 commitment to Coupeville


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Show your love for Coupeville Small Businesses 

Image Credit: The late Denis Hill. We felt this photo was perfect for this particular message and announcement from our Executive Director. It’s perfect because we know Denis would have been full of help, and ideas to help, all during and after this covid19 crisis. Denis deeply loved Coupeville. He was a dear friend, a fierce and trustworthy helper and a founding member of CHWA. We miss him. The photo is now registered to his estate.

A message and program announcement from our

Executive Director Vickie Chambers

Sometimes it just takes a little help from our friends to turn common concerns into helpful ideas of reality. 

During the mandatory covid19 shut-down we’ve heard from many people (on phone, email, or text of course) expressing worries for historic waterfront small businesses, owners and staff. We can’t count the number of times we’ve heard “How can small businesses survive this?” or “How can I help our local businesses survive…” Not to mention a small business owner saying “I am not sure my business can survive this…” and one who’s sadly closed entirely (Lower Loft Eatery).

Saying we’re worried too, is an understatement! Coupeville business owners are our friends. Their staff are our friends. It’s that small town benefit of knowing everyone enough to care. 

My board and I have discussed how we can offer vital and immediate financial help, and we’ve come up with something we believe will. It’s a kind of relief and we hope you’ll help us maximize the commitment.

From our budget we can afford to commit up to $20,000 to provide 0 to low interest micro-loans to most affected Coupeville businesses and match YOUR investment into helping them too.

WE will begin using the our $20,000 seed money for micro-loans and matching investments immediately

With 75% of historic waterfront businesses closed (making no income but still strapped with rent and other bills) $20,000 is not a lot of money to help mitigate covid19 damage for  businesses. With that in mind we are asking you to help generate more loans than we could alone.

Light at the End of the Tunnel – LENT

We’re calling these loans LENT (Light at the end of the Tunnel) micro-loans. These loans will start as 0% interest loans (with interest to be slowly added based on loan repayment schedule). 

Along with our Facade Grant program, the LENT micro-loan program can help insure our friends and neighbors who own businesses (in an area that provides a bulk of Coupeville’s economic vitality and sustainability) can face fallout of covid19t, and unforeseen crisis’s in the future.

Citizen Investment is Needed in Coupeville

We hope you’ll see the benefit of the LENT Micro-Loan Program and will join us in investing in Coupeville. Together we’ll be investing in Coupeville’s long run during covid crisis and beyond. Please read the frequently asked questions for more details.

With hope for Coupeville I thank you.



IMPORTANT – FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: I don’t make donations online. How can I give without giving my credit card online?

A: You can mail a check. The check would be made out to Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association. Put LENT in the memo and mail to: Coupeville Historic Waterfront – P.O. Box 121, Coupeville, WA 98239. 

Q: How are you, what guidelines do you have, for reviewing the applications. Some businesses can still make sales, others cannot. How do we gauge the hardship? Our local businesses and (current) resources for owners are all so different. 

A: All applications will be reviewed by the Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association (CHWA) LENT Panel. This panel consists of Coupeville resident’s and business owners. People who are Coupeville knowledgeable and have the ability to review and make funding recommendations. Those recommendations will be presented to the CHWA Board of Directors for final approval. – The CHWA Board of Directors is, likewise, made up of long time Coupeville business owners and residents. 

Q: WHO is eligible for these loans? There’s so many small businesses in Coupeville.

A: Business owners within our historic catchment as designated by the Washington Main Street Program (a division of the Washington State Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation). Find out more about our Main Street status and see catchement map.

Q: Can ‘investors’ see the application the business owner’s will use to apply.

A: Yes – LENT – Micro-Loan – Application

Q:  What if a business was able to qualify for the state or federal loans? OR has enough money in the bank to weather this storm. How do you know people won’t double dip?

A: We are in a unique position of knowing our membership very well.  We work side by side and know them as businesses owners, residents in our community and friends. We trust they will ask for what they need, when they truly need it, and will be in a position to pay the funds back.

Q: Isn’t this just strapping a business owner with more debt?

A: The CHWA LENT loans are intended to alleviate stress not create it.  They are not in the 10’s of 1000’s of dollars. We took this into account and believe applicants (our members) know their business and their limits and will be able to use the loan not be buried by it.

Q: “So MY donation, or investment, goes back to the Historic Waterfront after the small business owner pays the LENT loan back? Over recouping your $20,000 investment what will the Historic Waterfront DO with the amount that came from me and other ‘investors’?

A: The $20,000 from CHWA plus all investments from the public will be funneled back to the LENT Micro-loan program to be used as a low-interest tool to offset some of the financial impacts businesses in the district might endure during emergency situations.  This program will be maintained as a restricted account and all funds will be recirculated as part of future LENT micro-loans.

Q: What other kinds of emergency’s could there be? This covid19 crisis is unheard of.

A: Yes, this is unheard of. Sadly king-tides, storms, flood, fire, owner illness/accident, earthquakes, can all result in financial emergencies that could, if not addressed, affect someone’s livelihood (and that of their employee’s should they have any) and our town, both in spirit and economic sustainability. Loss of business, vacancy’s and damaged buildings lead to economic slumps in any historic town. It’s vital, and part of our mission to help insure sustainability along the historic waterfront.

Q: If YOU get the money, I gave, over YOUR $20,000 initial investment, why wouldn’t I just give it to the business owner directly?

A: You are certainly welcome to invest in any business directly, but the intent of the LENT program is to maximize funding investments and options and make available immediate assistance for those in need of emergency financial help. Emergency’s vary and business needs vary in both funding and timing. By keeping the LENT micro-loan program funded (in the bank) we are able to offer immediate and timely support, and possibly mitigate further damage to a business, building, or our economy (tax base). 

Q: Shouldn’t a business that might be forced to close all together get the first right to the loans? Some have been able to stay open and a couple are doing pretty well from what I can see? Still making sales.

A: All businesses in our district dealt with difficult choices over the covid19 closures. Some have the ability to offer products and services based on the definition of “essential business” set by the state of Washington. Some are forced to close all together.  We do have one business that has chosen to permanently close (The Lower Loft Eatery) through this covid19 crisis. As heartbreaking as it is we respect that choice. But precisely because every business and business owner is unique in what they are able to endure, we trust the LENT Panel to determine need, urgency and priorities. And we trust our business owning neighbors (our members) who will be applying. We believe they will be honest and frank with their needs and only apply if they truly need  assistance.

We hope that answers YOUR questions as potential investors in the LENT micro-loan program in Coupeville.

I’ve read Vicky’s letter and the frequently asked questions and want to invest in Coupeville

Please share this opportunity with your family and friends and help us kick off the LENT micro-loan program with a bang. 

Those with more questions PLEASE fill out this form. The form will send an email directly to our Executive Director Vicky Chambers.