Practically Magic – Haunting of Coupeville


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Saturday October 23rd through Saturday October 30th it’s two fun filled weekends!

Thanks to our business members, friends and volunteers for partnering with us to bring you these Practically Magic events. Made up of family members, friends and neighbors they are the back bone of our island.

Eat, drink, shop, and be small business loving and volunteer merry.


Screenings of Practical Magic are free – donations are greatly appreciated

Saturday – October 23rd



Enjoy a morning of bike riding with family and friends right here in Coupeville. 2 routes. Then come up to the Spells and Brews Garden for visiting around the fire pits. Coupe’s Last Stand hot-dog stand will be on site, along with libations and more. Register today!


Thanks to host Whidbey Island Bicycle Club



Spend an October Saturday with family and friends at the Spells and Brews Garden located in the haunted lot where Coveland meets No. Main. Coupe’s Last Stand hot-dogs and non-alcoholic drinks will be on site for you to purchase for lunch or early dinner.

Beer, wine and cider will be available to purchase for those 21 and over. ID’s will be checked.


Sponsored by Coupe’s Last Stand, Greenbank Cider Company and Penn Cove Brewing Company



Scavenge around Coupeville’s historic waterfront for all you need to decorate your hat or cape! Fun Saturday activity for the whole family.

Sign up and enter at the “Scavenger Table” at the Haunted Lot where Coveland meets No. Main. Pick a hat or cape and we’ll set you off with a scavenger’s map.

Sponsored by Aqua Gifts, The Crow’s Roost, The Cove on Penn Cove, Lavender Wind, The Laughing Admiral, Whidbey Natural Pet, Little Red Hen Bakery and A Touch of Dutch




This is a 21 and over screening.  ID’s checked. Free – donations appreciated.

Per Rec Hall capacity it would be a help if you RSVP via Eventbright

Margaritas, Wine, Beer, soft drinks, popcorn and movie candy will be available to purchase.  Also check out the great books and other gift items that will be available for purchase at the sponsor tables.
There will be a Practical Magic Trivia contest at 6:45 so be ready!  If you know someone who was here during the filming and may have played an extra in the movie bring them along. They’ll thank you for the memories and they will likely know the answers to the trivia! 

Sponsored by Kingfisher Bookstore and Hey Atlas Creative
2 more showings! 
Friday October 29th – Teen Night screening.
Saturday October 30th 21+ Costume Contest
Scroll down for details… 

Friday – October 29th


All are welcome.  Practical Magic Trivia Night.
Coupeville Rec Hall. Doors open at 6pm  Free – donations appreciated.

Per Rec Hall capacity it would be a help if you RSVP via Eventbright
Bring your friends! Come see the movie filmed in Coupeville. Plus it’s trivia night! Bring along those local movie stars who are in the film!  Soft drinks, popcorn and movie candy will all be available for purchase.  (No alcohol will be served on this night)   
Sponsored by Aqua Gifts, The Laughing Admiral and Pizza Factory. Check out their magical sponsor tables!

Saturday – October 30th




Come down to Coupeville’s historic waterfront – corner of Alexander and Coveland – enter and pick a hat or a cape. Then we’ll set you on your way with a scavenger’s map to gather your finds. Just think after you decorate your hat or cape you can use them for Halloween too!


Sponsored by Aqua Gifts, The Cove on Penn Cove, The Crow’s Roost, Lavender Wind, Little Red Hen Bakery, The Laughing Admiral, Touch of Dutch, Whidbey Natural Pet,



We’re back to having the Great Pumpkin Race! Visit the Pumpkin Race page for Registration and Rules! PLUS some great tutorial links on how to make a double axle pumpkin racer. Vroom!


Sponsored by Frontier Building Supply



Practically Magic themed Torchlight Parade
Dress up like one of the Practical Magic movie characters, “something” from the movie, or come in the costume you’re already dreaming of or started to making.


Of course we’ll have candy and FUN! Visit the Torchlight Parade page for pictures from past parades. Lots of fun costumes be inspired by and to gawk over.

Sponsored by Front Street Realty and The Honey Bear.

This year every costume is a winner. No official contest after the parade.

WE ARE playing it safe and asking everyone to have costumed face coverings or masks to wear. Better safe than sorry. Oh yes, we’re rain or shine. As you can see in the picture on the left, rain doesn’t stop Torchlight parade goers from parading great their costumes and celebrating Halloween. Northwesterner’s just whip out our umbrellas.



Casting Call Costume Contest. Come as your favorite Character! This is a 21 and over screening.  ID’s checked

Coupeville Rec Hall. Doors open at 6.  Free – donations appreciated.

Per Rec Hall capacity it would be a help if you RSVP via Eventbright

Casting Call at 6:45. 
Prizes for the three best costumes as judged by the audience.

This final Practical Magic showing is “Look-Alike” night. Do you look like a character in the movie? This is your chance to prove it! 

Margaritas, Wine, Beer, soft drinks, popcorn and movie candy along with some great personal and gift items will be available for purchase. The holidays are coming! What better place to shop? 

Sponsored by Enchanted Beedle and The Crow’s Roost


There you have it! Your line up of the Practically Magic part of October’s Haunting of Coupeville. Donations asked for and appreciated to help defray costs of movie rights permit for screenings.

Visit the Coupeville Chamber of Commerce’s Haunting of Coupeville site for more.


Thanks one and all!

Annual Meeting Recap – For those who missed it.


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Note: At the retirement of our long time Executive Director Vickie Chambers, and a several week long recruitment search, the Historic Waterfront Assoc. Board of Directors hired Coupeville resident Rainy Simpson as our new Executive Director in July.

You can read more about Vickie’s retirement and Rainy at the “Welcoming Rainy Simpson – Our new Executive Director” blog post published on July 26th, and on our Annual Review page.

Greetings Members, Merchants, Building Owners and Friends of Coupeville and our Association,

Samantha Lorenz, a Walkability Specialist and Built Environment Director, was the special guest and presenter at our August 19th open meeting. Samantha shared her expertise on assisting historic districts in our state through the Washington Main Street program “Place Activation”.  Samantha stated in her presentation that “The design of public spaces (e.g. streets and plazas) directly impacts and influences economic vitality and quality of life of Main Streets and historic districts.  

Samantha is not foreign to Coupeville. Living in Port Townsend, Samantha has visited Coupeville many times. In relation to her work she did a presentation for us during a 2019 Washington Main Street conference (held in Seattle) when we hosted a group of fellow Main Street leaders from Wyoming here in Coupeville. During that visit Samantha toured our historic district’s street’s with us and our Wyoming guests to help us understand troubling traffic flow, lack of parking, promotion of walkability, and the potential solutions she could see from the street.  It was very interesting and something people present still talk about today.  

Wyoming Main Street meets Coupeville”s historic waterfront – Left to right – Then Exec. Dir. Vickie Chambers welcoming the Wyoming group in the group room of the Coupeville Inn. – Group gathering and photo on the Wharf. Delicious meal at Michelle Lynn’s Cove Cafe. – Note: Now the The Cove on Penn Cove, this restaurant is still located in the Wharf and now owned by Loretta Beaman

Our August meeting, described below, really sparked good potential in helping determine if there’s consensus among members, property owners and Coupeville residents on these important safety and parking issues and within our historic district.

Stating in her presentation that “The design of public spaces (e.g. streets and plazas) directly impacts and influences economic vitality and quality of life of Main Streets and historic districts” Samantha lead our meeting to some very interesting ideas and possibilities.

Samantha encouraged members to share their personal vision for Front St.  Here’s some of what we heard.

  • Pedestrian centric. People brought in from parking elsewhere.
  • Boardwalk instead of sidewalks.
  • Increased pedestrian friendly environment. Closed to vehicles on the weekends and one-way during the week.
  • More outdoor dining.
  • Cars off Front St.  (Maybe underground parking at Town Green).
  • No parking during the day.
  • Vibrant pedestrian friendly gathering place.
  • More gathering areas.  More outdoor/ mixed weather spaces.
  • An inviting and welcoming space for people to gather that facilitates varied uses.
  • Power Poles gone.  Lines underground, human scale street lights.  
  • Historic properties preserved and housing vibrant businesses.  Overall sense of economic vitality.
  • More pedestrian friendly (benches, trees).  Welcome to locals as well as visitors. Outdoor restaurants.  
  • Vehicle free Front St. 11 am to 8 pm every day.
  • Shared street.  Time limited parking.
  • Increased safety.  Pedestrian vs. vehicles.
  • Thoughtful community building.  Great working relationships with other community groups. 
  • A welcoming space for both residents and visitors.  
  • Picnic tables in the middle of the street.
  • Wider sidewalks.
  • A vibrant economically viable gathering place for locals and visitors.
  • Wider sidewalks, outdoor cafes, people talking and walking, impromptu shows in front of the museum. 
  • Remain an asset not just in support of tourism, but to the locals who live here.
  • Retain the cultural historic sense and part of the Cultural Whidbey Historic District.
  • Timed parking.
  • Make the  north end of Grace St. into a mini park.
  • Angle parking on the southside.
  • Eliminate west exit from Rec. Hall parking lot.  
  • Create another mini park.
  • Gain parking space on Alexander.
  • Make the parking lot one-way and reserve parking spaces on the south side of the parking lot.
  • Reclaim the town’s vacant lot on Main and Coveland as public green space. 
  • Pavement to Plazas. Capitalizing on the corner where Vickie sets up streateries.  
  • One way West.
  • Larger public deck.
  • More outdoor dining.  No parking.  Just a people street with picnic tables in the  middle. 

Next with Samantha’s guidance the group discussed potential pilot projects to address areas of the vision that seemed to align with a shared vision.  Potential projects were listed on chart paper around the room and members were encouraged to put round blue and or red stickers next to the projects that spoke to them. 

Through that process there seemed to be a lot of consensus around the following:

  • Establishing a Grace St. Parklet with tables and benches.
  • One way Front St. with wider sidewalks.  
  • Visually reducing the speed on Coveland, a traffic calming opportunity.

Samantha encouraged everyone at the meeting and community partner organizations represented at the meeting to work together on an incremental project. For example: A 90 day use of temporary materials (paint, planter boxes and chairs) to experience a new project at a low risk. Discover what works and make modifications.  

The meeting convened with a general sense that a 90 day Grace St. Parklet is a project to pursue with partners.  There was additional discussion around a potential trial weekend of no parking on Front St.  

National Association of City Transportation Officials Explain Parklets

Examples of Parklet’s in Images

Thank you to Samantha, our members, and partner organization representatives who were able to attend this meeting. We look forward to more discussion and team work to address the issues of pedestrian safety and parking in our historic district. Stay tuned.

 *Please note this was a brainstorming and consensus gathering meeting.  We welcome your feedback.

Rainy Simpson, Executive Director 


Tel:  360-682-6400

CHWA ANNUAL REVIEW & 2021/2022 Budget at a Glance

Welcoming Rainy Simpson – Our new Executive Director


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After interviewing several qualified candidates we have hired a new Executive Director!

As sad as we are to have our founding Exec. Dir. Vickie Chambers retire, we’re excited to welcome Rainy Simpson to the position!

Happily Vickie will continue on to help with the transition, and make introductions of Rainy to our community.

After interviews our board felt Rainy was the best choice. Her life experience, understanding of our mission and the profound impact we have in our community (as a state supported historic Main Street town), seem made for a great fit.

Rainy spent much of her childhood visiting family in Coupeville and why she and her husband decided to move their own family here several years ago. Her husband works at Whidbey Health and their children attend Coupeville schools. Active in many aspects through fellow non-profits in our community, Rainy is especially proud of her work in our local schools, mental health and equality.

We thank our board members who lead the search and interviews for this very important position.

A few words from Vickie

Leaving after 10 years as Exec. Director of the Coupeville Historic Waterfront, I am so pleased to be able to transfer the office keys to someone able to maintain our unique district while developing new relationships and programs.  Rainy will join a full board of experienced, passionate members, and well-developed committees to carry on.

Our members are the best and I know they will work hard to make Rainy feel welcome and supported.

There’s so many to thank. Each of our members, partnering organizations, community leaders and citizens have helped to make CHWA the strong Main Street program it has become. CHWA represents a wide variety of interest and passions through our mission, and everyone’s participation has allowed us to focus on what is important and vital for our historic community’s well-being. 

It has been my honor and great joy to be a part of this Association.

  • Well, she’s hardly “..Outta Here!” – As we mentioned, Vickie will be helping with the transition and also the annual events we’re able to hold over the next year. She’ll be making introductions, happily on call, and of course we can always zip down to see her (through the summer and fall) and have a hot-dog when she’s working at her other job, Coupe’s Last Stand hot-dog stand!
  • Congratulations to Vickie’s husband, Randy, and their family! You’ll have much more time together and we promise to only borrow her now and then.

Rainy and Vickie – July 2021 – Two happy people who have the back of the Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association and our great community!

Executive Director Position OPEN at Coupeville Historic Waterfront


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UPDATE: This position has been filled. Find out more here.

Sadly our long time Executive Director Vickie Chambers is retiring. We hate to see her go, but are excited she will be enjoying more time with her family. Of course, because she’s a true blue community member, we’re sure she’ll be involved somehow with community efforts, and out and about in town like always.

As a certified Washington Main Street Organization within the Washington Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation this job has a heavy focus in our state designated “catchment area” which encompasses the several blocks flanking the historic waterfront of Coupeville and Penn Cove. You’ll be working in one of the most beautiful places on Whidbey and in our state as Executive Director of CHWA.

As a Main Street organization the Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 and governed by a Board of Directors. The chosen candidate will work closely with our Board, our Membership and community partners.

We’re sad to see Vickie retire but excited for an opportunity to have another person devoted to our community take on this job as our Executive Director.

Peruse the Job Opening text, download the document, and please do share this with anyone you think may fit the needs of this position.

Download the Job Opening Document


JOB OPENING ED edit 6-22-2021


The Executive Director coordinates the creation and delivery of activities of Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association, a Main Street program utilizing historic preservation as an integral foundation for downtown economic development. The Executive Director encourages public awareness of and engagement with program activities and acts as a liaison to all committees and partner organizations. The Executive Director will serve as an advocate for the downtown and as an authority and source for information, resources and activities related to the revitalization initiative.


Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association (CHWA) is a 501(c)3 non- profit organization following the Main Street Approach® to downtown revitalization since 2008. Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association is a membership organization including business and residential members.

CHWA MISSION: To to strengthen, promote and maintain our successful historic district.

OVER-SITE: The Executive Director works under the President of the Board of Directors and reports monthly to the entire Board.


  • Supervises support staff, consultants, and volunteers
  • Bolsters membership
  • With the Board and its committees, helps sustain and or develop public awareness, educational programs and appropriate downtown revitalization strategies benefiting members and community
  • Marketing and or advertising CHWA events and programs at local, regional and state levels.
  • Recruiting and coordinating with volunteers to accomplish activities of board committees
  • Assists business and property owners with business and property improvement projects
  • Promotes cooperative partnerships between local businesses and fellow community organizations
  • Serves as an advocate for CHWA membership, and event and program issues at local and state level
  • Maintains data system tracking progress of CHWA programs
  • Attends and manages special events outside of regular business hours, including Washington Main Street conferences.
  • Grant writing
  • Assist board members and committees raising operational and event funding


  • Three to five years management experience
  • Experience working with boards and committees
  • Willingness to develop a thorough understanding of the Main Street Approach®
  • Self starter with an entrepreneurial, energetic, imaginative, and well organized spirit.
  • Capable of effective independent functioning
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work with a variety of individuals and organizations building consensus among people of diverse skills and backgrounds
  • Proficiency in word processing, spreadsheets, and database management

COMPENSATION Salary determination to be based on qualifications.

HOW TO APPLY Please submit cover letter, resume and three references to Kathy Baxter, CHWA Board President
at with subject line “CHWA ED Application”. Application must be received by June 23, 2021

There’s so much that’s wonderful about working at the Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association. You’ll be part of a dynamic business and residential community and participating is countless improvements and events along the historic waterfront. This job is for the community lover. A person who enjoys working hard for their members and extended community.

Maritime Washington National Heritage Area – Let’s ZOOM – May 6th


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As an Anchor Organization to the “Maritime Washington – National Heritage Area” we’re excited to see this public workshop opportunity! Join us for an educational and interesting time.


THURSDAY – MAY 6th – 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Through polls, group discussions and interactive features, Maritime Washington – National Heritage Area program staff will seek public engagement in discovering how best Maritime Washington – NHA could help serve the needs and futures of our unique waterfront communities.

During the main part of the workshop you’ll be able to share through polls, small group discussions, and other interactive activities. Workshop will focus on regional needs, priorities, goals and community takes and suggestions. 

Managed by the nonprofit Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, MW-NHA works to build partnerships and increase collaboration in order to support our coastal communities in celebrating, maintaining, and sharing their water-based stories.

Island and San Juan county residents register here for May 6th NHA workshop

Workshop is cost free. Pre-registration required

First half hour of the workshop will be an introduction to the program by program staff.

National Heritage Areas (NHAs) are designated by the United States Congress as places where natural, cultural, and historic resources make for a nationally important landscape.

MORE FAQ’s on Maritime Washington’s NHA designation

Over the next year Washington’s MW-NHA program will be working with coastal communities to chart a course for the MW-NHA based on community engagements. Throughout the first half of 2021, there will be lots of opportunities for waterfront citizens to share their views and ideas through virtual workshops, surveys, social media, focus groups,and more. These collaborative efforts will culminate in a MW-NHA management plan, which will serve as a framework for how we’ll work together for Washington’s maritime futures.

Coupeville helps anchor national Maritime Heritage Area – Whidbey Weekly