Wifi Help

Public Wifi in the Coupeville Historic Waterfront Area is FREE and Easy to Use

Signing in:

    • Go to your wifi settings and choose “HistoricWaterfront”
    • You will see it in available networks, it might take a moment or two to pop up.
    • You will see a page in your web browser* asking you to accept the terms of service by clicking “Connect”. Click Connect.
    • You can do most things with your wifi connection such as web browsing, checking email, and accessing your “cloud” storage.  You can not stream movies.


I can’t see “HistoricWaterfront” in the available networks

    • Be sure you have wife turned on for your device
    • Check to see if you have “Ask to join networks” selected
    • Be sure you are in range. The wifi is only in the downtown Coupeville area Coupeville Wifi Map

I don’t see the page where I can Connect

    • Open your browser (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or other App that lets you access pages on the internet)

I lost my connection

    • Did you travel beyond the downtown area covered by the wifi?
    • Sometimes you have to turn wifi off and on again to get it to work.
    • Sometimes you have to turn your device off and on again…

My connection is slow

    • When you are getting close to the far edges of the covered area the signal isn’t quite as strong.

Other issues

    • None known at this point.