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It’s been enlightening hearing the comments and thoughts of parent’s who are home schooling their kids right now. Most wonderful has been the number of great ideas and smart habits they’re working into the schedules, not to mention the exclamations that ‘teachers are underpaid’ (there’s lots of THAT comment).

Most parents and some grandparents will know about these videos but there’s a lot of us, some with kids at home and some without, who have no idea how many and how creative learning videos are today.

We wish everyone the best in their ‘stay home’ homeschooling efforts. Here’s some of the searches and videos that we watching while surfing the subjects (for 2 1/2 well spent hours).


1st Grade Math – 5+mins

More 1st Grade Math Videos – short to long

2nd Grade Math – 5+mins

More 2nd Grade Math Videos – short to long

Groupings with music? Who knew?

More from Numberock

Math videos for 3rd Grade

Math videos for 4th Grade

You get the idea. Once on youtube, search the grade level in the search bar and poof there’s a video (or 100).


Looking at the science videos was a blast.

Especially liked this one for not needing a lot of ingredients that require shopping or scratching your head thinking ‘where can I get THAT?’


More science videos – short and long


GOT SUCKED INTO THIS while on the ‘Science videos for kids’ page – it’s 14+mins and pretty fantastic.

This event from 2017 features 3 new US domino records: largest domino field, largest domino structure, and largest overall domino project in America. 19 builders from 5 countries spent 7 days (over 1,200 combined hours) building the Incredible Science Machine.

More dominos videos LOL

Search anything on youtube. Search ‘homeschooling advice’, subjects and grades, etc., and lots will come up. Note: We are not necessarily advertising for them only in that it’s an easy search for ANYTHING.


One search we liked was the virtual travel search. There is a lot to learn from travel.  We started by traveling to China with the Panda videos.

More travel videos for kids

During the travel videos we got stuck in the National Geographic channel for kids. Specifically their Explorer Academy. Very cool.

More from National Geographic

BTW – we’re betting most people reading this grew up with Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. As we watched videos today we recalled just how graphic Wild Kingdom was. And well, yes, you can find those online too. There’s 323 of them. Good luck.


Moving along we were caught by the StoryTime Online channel while searching ‘reading with kids’. The Screen Actors Guild produces these and you can see actors and actresses you know read from kids books. This was a fun rabbit hole.

Went with Arnie the Donut first for obvious reasons (craving donuts).

Then on to Harry the Dirty Dog read by Betty White

More StoryTimeOnline videos


Being as Whidbey has some of the greatest artists in the state of Washington and we’ll bet the county, we had to search the ‘art projects for kids’ videos. Suffice to say there’s no disappointment there.

More from Art for Kids Hub

More from Easy Kids Craft

More art projects for kids

Art projects for teens

Searching through art we came across an artist who offered up his channel for all those staying home during the pandemic, along with many artists helping people understand the processes of drawing, painting and sculpting. LAST RABBIT HOLE for the day.

This channel has A LOT. Trees is the choice for this post.

More from Drawing and Painting – The Virtual Instructor

Washington enough, we found a Latte Art tutorial in the ‘art tutorial’ search.

More ‘art tutorial’ videos


What can we say, there’s a lot of fantastic videos on physics. The channel for the trailer below is amazingly comprehensive. Basically there’s physics and everything and that Crash Course covers it.

More from Crash Course

More from MIT Lectures with Walter Lewin (calculus based physics)

More assorted Physics videos

Well, it’s past lunch time and the 2 1/2 hours surfing educational videos has be very interesting, enlightening and fun. It’s time for lunch and then to make some calls and texts inquiring how our members, family and friends are doing.

We wish each of you reading this best as we navigate the ‘stay home’ virus closures. If you’re bored check in with loved ones and friends in other towns and states. If you need take out, want to shop local online, need to know if a shop will do curb side pick up or delivery or just want to know who’s open in Coupeville visit our ‘What’s Open in Coupeville‘ page. The page is updated daily.

Be well, kind and share your resourcefulness if, when and where you can.