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Effective today, Sunday July 23, 2017, law enforcement will begin enforcing Washington state Senate Bill 5289 (an E-DUI). Driving Under the Influence of Electronics Act.  

Note: MINIMAL use to activate mapping apps, answering phone, etc. OK when your smartphone IS IN dashboard cradle.


When: Behind the wheel, moving or stopped at a stoplight is a $136 fine. Second citation within five years goes up to $236.

Note When pulled over for a moving violation there can be an extra fine of $30 for other types of distractions: grooming, searching through glove compartment, rustling through items on passenger seat, eating, etc, etc. 

Read Washington State Senate Bill 5289-S.PL


Time to get bluetooth and or dashboard cradles for your phone, or pull over in a safe spot when driving in Island County Washington. 

Stay safe while enjoying Whidbey Island.