As you may know many towns in America face extreme costs in repair and preservation of their infrastructures.  We are no different, but have added considerations with our historic designations.  Pennies for Preservation has been done by many towns across the country, and we’re happy to watch our town do the same.

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The Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association has partnered with the Coupeville Chamber of Commerce and Captain Mark Saia of Penn Cove Sailing to raise 1.5 million pennies to help preserve our iconic Wharf.  YOU can find Pennies for Preservation jars at downtown businesses and at the Chamber office. Please help us achieve our goal by putting your pennies and loose change into the Pennies for Preservation jars.

PROJECT:  replace and/ repair siding of wharf building.  Paint building.  Estimated cost of project $15,000-$17,000.

Goal 1.5 million pennies ($15,000) 


Our wharf of the heart of Coupeville.  It is a destination stop for Whidbey residents, world travelers and represents the history of our great state.

The wharf is owned by the Port of Coupeville and while the port works diligently and spends many annual dollars to maintain this historic structure, the costs of maintenance very often exceeds their resources.  That is where our community comes in.  Pennies for Preservation projects have been a huge success for many communities around the country and we feel our own community will make our first Pennies for Preservation project a big success.

The wharf was originally built for transportation and storage of locally grown grain and other goods as well as ferry services for people, nowadays the wharf and boating facility primarily provide for pleasure activities.

The wharf hosts a gift shop, coffee shop and café.  The boating facility has been set up so that a dozen or more power boats and sailboats can be moored to floats attached to the Wharf. There are also four buoys near the Wharf. Both unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel can be purchased at the fuel dock which is attached to the north side of the Wharf. This is the only public moorage in Penn Cove.  And, in partnership with Washington State University (WSU), the Port hosts several marine exhibits provided by the WSU – Beach Watchers. These consist of various interpretive displays and two marine mammal skeletons.

We are Washington’s second oldest town.  We look pretty good for being 161 years old.  The Pennies for Preservation is a set to make us look all the better and help improve a valuable piece of Coupeville and Washington history.

If you have too many pennies to carry downtown – please don’t hesitate to email us and we’ll have a volunteer come to your home and pick up your pennies.

Email – or call 360-222-3696