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Are you ready to get your pumpkin on?  It’s time to design, prep and test your entry to the 2014 Great Pumpkin Race down Grace St. in Coupeville!

Click the image and get your race rules and entry form! No age requirements. 


Who will win? A kid, a team, or an adult?  

Only the speed of your pumpkin can tell!

 From October 3rd till Halloween night it’ll be a whirl wind of fun and creepiness in historic Coupeville.  Dress up, dress down, dance in costume, enter your giant pumpkin in a contest, visit a creepy grave yard, run through the Corn Maze, come to the annual Torchlight Parade, visit a field of screams and MUCH MORE!  Fun for all ages!  

For more Halloween activities visit the Haunting of Coupeville Activity page

37e3bd_ddb2ea4c131d4afa8e6b3290f0d19ad5.jpg_srz_p_798_569_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Ready to design a scarecrow for the Scarecrow Corridor?  Join in this fun Coupeville tradition.  Start designing your scarecrow now!  Set up date is Oct. 3rd.  Will you be a winner?  Only the public knows for sure.  Entry forms will be available on the Haunting of Coupeville site soon.  Start planning.