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THANKS CHWA Members!! 

 Your membership, friendship, volunteerism and trust make it all possible at CHWA!!!

During Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter your membership helps us keep Coupeville a wonderful destination for resident and visitor alike.

We think Captain Coupe would thank you too!

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Visit our Members page – connect to their websites, get their phone numbers, find out more about the people who help Coupeville maintain it’s historic Main Street status and keep Coupeville cool!

NOTE: Being one of the Washington Trust and Historic Preservation’s Main Street program awardees we are proud to be able to provide business members and non-members alike with the B&O WA. state tax credit.  CHWA helps bring tax dollars back to Coupeville and it feels GOOD!   Find out more

Membership to CHWA is 40.00 per year.