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The Mission of the Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association (CHWA) is to strengthen, promote and maintain our successful historic downtown district. 

During summer our local business owners (your friends and neighbors) have more a chance to bank sales, make increased job offerings (often w/ our high school students), plan and save for business improvements, and get a little cushion of comfort, in the bank, for the dregs of long dark winter days.

Please help Coupeville’s business owners by parking in the Municipal Lot, below the library, and walking the streets

Scenario:  Need to go to the library and post office, have a list with some shopping needs, want to grab a bite to eat… Hop in the car.  Drive downtown.  Park in the municipal lot and viola’, everything is within a block and a half of the car.

Scenario: Need to go to the post office, then go open your shop, or go to work in downtown Coupeville.  Hop in the car.  Drive to downtown.  Park in the municipal lot and poof, you’re a block or two from work and you can pick up the mail first.


Of course our handicapped family members, friends and neighbors must be closer to their destinations, and this request does not apply to them.  Thanks everyone!

On another note.  We recently had a chance to watch a video where the speaker, Becky McCray, makes many important points about the positive growth of small towns in America.  Interestingly enough her first point (after introductions and thanks) is FARMING – and boy oh boy we have them (on land and water)!  She goes on to list ALL the many things shifting, in America culture, toward growth of small towns.  In her last comments she says “It is the ‘Main Street’ that is the most important part, of this turn around.  Don’t be mistaken”.  We agree and are happy to have a preservationist business culture in our community, in our CHWA membership and our community partners!  We’re historic and we’re plugging right along!

Upcoming CHWA Volunteer Opportunities


HALLOWEEN – THIS year Halloween is going to blow your socks off!  We are looking for folks to join the goulish volunteer force it takes to put on the parade, host the Corn Maze & Field of Terror, and all the other exciting things that are planned.  Contact us at coupevillehistoricwaterfrontassociation@hotmail.com

Winter HOLIDAYS – Are you good at Gingerbread House making?  Have you always wanted to share your skills with others and kids in particular.  Join in our Gingerbread House challenge and Workshop for some fun with good folks and the smell of gingerbread wafting through the air.  Contact us at coupevillehistoricwaterfrontassociation@hotmail.com


Become a member of the Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association

Anyone can join for 40.00 per year.  Business or resident; residing in our historic district or further out; present or former resident, we’d love to have you as a member of CHWA at 9 pennies per day.

With your help CHWA will continue to develop programs and events to grow both general partnerships, Tax Credits, and a healthy downtown business district in, and for, Coupeville.  PR efforts include newspaper articles, public presentations, open houses, Museum and Chamber support, assistance with financial needs in town projects, website and social media development, QR codes through our Island Country 4-H developed history website, and free WiFi downtown (we foot the bill)!

Mail a check to Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association – PO Box 121 – Coupeville WA 98239 

Thank you