Put on your thinking caps.  May 26th is the deadline for board of director nominations for our board. Submissions are due to CHWA Ex. Dir. Vicky Chambers no later than May 26, 2014. Send nomination names to vchambers2 at hotmail dot com.

Our board membership requires monthly (1 and a half hour) meetings, and periodic volunteer time at Coupeville events like Musselfest, Waterfest, Arts and Crafts Fest.  In other words it’s a first class ticket to the front row of everything Coupeville.  Day to day CHWA work is done by our, wonderful, Ex. Director, Vicky Chambers.

The Mission of the Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association (CHWA) is to strengthen, promote and maintain our historic downtown district to the benefit of local businesses, citizens and visitors alike.  Our board is made up of Coupeville residents and business owners, who have a personal commitment to Coupeville.

Have questions about CHWA and board membership?  Contact Vicky vchambers2 at hotmail dot com

Nomination names are due by May 26th to vchambers2 at hotmail dot com 


nthplogo-feedThe Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association uses the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s Main Street Four Point Program to achieve our mission for historic Coupeville.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the preservation and revitalization of Coupeville’s traditional and historic commerce core.

CHWA is funded by membership dues, grants and the annual Mussel Festival (its most delicious annual event). 



Downtown Coupeville, 1890s Courtesy UW Special Collections (Image No. WASO396)

CHWA’s focus is putting our unique location, and architecture, to work for the good of our community.  As a catalyst for economic growth and community pride, CHWA is comprised of local business, building and homeowners.

Design, organization, economic sustainability, and promotion are the cornerstones of our purpose. 

Design: Promote, research and support the improvements and enhancements that benefit the historic downtown Coupeville.

cfiles16772Organization: Achieve consensus and cooperation between businesses, building owners, citizens and groups, who have an invested roll in the Coupeville preservation and revitalization process.

Economic Sustainability: Continually seeking to strengthen the economic assets of historic downtown of Coupeville, promoting easily accessed, affordable, recreation, dining, shopping and relaxation to local and tourist visitors alike.

Promotion: Creating a cohesive and positive environment for business and property owners, local citizens, visitors, customers, historians, potential investors and new businesses, based on Coupeville’s unique history, location and downtown attributes.