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Head, Heart, Hands and Health

logoToday a NEW Coupeville Historic Waterfront website is born, thanks to the 4-HD Club of Island County 4-H. We may be old – but we’re hip!


Intended to educate and inspire, the new CHWA Historic Coupeville site was painstakingly researched, compiled, digitally mastered, and built by the 4-HD club of Island County 4-H.

The website brings Coupeville’s past into the present, and (soon) there will be smart phone access to each building’s page through QR codes that will be mounted in the windows of our most historic buildings.

Interactive - Click a building - read it's history

On the map page of the chwahistoriccoupeville site you’ll see this interactive map image – Click a building – and you’re automatically directed to that building’s history page. It’s that easy! 

thanks-119The Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association would like to THANK the 4-HD club members of Island County 4-H; Grace Cash, Isaac Cash, Arthur Keast, Avrey Scharwat and Dustin Scharwat, and team leaders Robert Elphick and Paula Scharwat, for your long hours, hard work and dedication to this amazing project!  

Thanks also goes to Judy Lynn for her years of historic documentation of our town, and permission of use; and to the Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve and Island County Historical Society for access to their research libraries and permission of use from their archives.

More thanks to the Coupeville Festival Association for their generosity in helping to underwrite this project through their grant program; and to Whidbey Telecom, for sponsoring and hosting our new chwahistoriccoupeville site as part of their community outreach and goodwill!  


→  → Visit CHWA Historic Coupeville ←  ←

Send a note of thanks to the 4-HD club of Island County, or any of the supporting persons or entities in the comment section below! WE will personally delivery your thanks to them.

If you notice some missing, would like to share some information or correct mis-information on the site, please contact us immediately. 

NOTE: most but not all buildings are documented on the site.  

For more on Coupeville – consider a book – go to the Island County Historical Society book store page.  Benefit from a book and support the historical society in one fell swoop.