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Coupeville_downtown_1890sPenn Cove was once home to Lower Skagit tribes who built three permanent villages at this location, the largest being bah-TSAHD-ah-lee (snake place), now present-day Coupeville. The protected harbor, facing Saratoga Passage, offered abundant salmon, clams, mussels, flounder, sole, and cockles as well as easy access to nearby waterways and inland forests.  An old native burial site was located on the cove.

Did you know all that?

Picture 1British Captain George Vancouver (1757-1798) made journal entries of his visit to the island in the summer of 1792. He named it in honor of Joseph Whidbey (1755-1833), master of the HMS Discovery, and Penn Cove in remembrance of a friend.  The native word for the island was Tscha-kole-chy.

Educate yourself and your family and friends on the history of our little bit of paradise by going to, and sharing, the historylink Coupeville page.  Enjoy finding out more about Coupeville and looking at historic pictures.

Coupe_Thomas_CaptainIt’s that time when we all have lots of visitors coming to the Coupeville.  Why not have the skinny on some of our history by pursuing historylink AND our wonderful Island County Historical Society Museum, located in downtown Coupeville.

Plan a visit to the Museum, or book in some research time.  It’s never a bad idea to learn more about our town!

Captain Coupe would be proud to know you’re interested.

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