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Many of you may be wondering, and worried about, what is happening with our bluff along NE Front St – between NE Kinney and NE Gould streets.

Front St. Bluff

The best information coming out, so far, is a recent article by Justin Burnett published in the Whidbey Examiner yesterday – Feb 7th.  We’ve linked that article at the end of this post for your benefit.

Please take caution avoiding the area.  The vibration and rumbling cars can have an impact. Maybe avoid taking your car or truck down that part of Front street.  Just a suggestion.

As to the issues of eroding coastlines in our area and town, they have been eroding for many years.  Few recall this, but Front Street didn’t always end at Gould.  Nope, it used to continue straight along in Front St and right in front of Capt. Coupe’s house and included an accompanying sidewalk.


Likewise, other bluffs along our island’s coast line have sloughed off in the past.  Long time residents can remember when a large landslide came down from a 300 foot bluff at Possession Beach, back in 1979.


More recently, in January, Whidbey experienced a devistating landslide down on the south end.  Thankfully no one was injured in that slide, but home owners are surely still in shock and wondering what next.  You can click the picture below to read more and see photos from KOMO News.


All of this has us wondering what the conversation will be about how we’re going to manage all of our coast lines.

As it is, most people want and enjoy having a view, but are views a danger to homeowners and our coastline.  Does construction weaken or add to the instability of a bluff.  We don’t know the answers, but we’re interested in retaining Front St. and hope this recent situation can be resolved and repaired.

ecy_logoYou can check out the Washington State Department of Ecology site’s Landslides page for more information about landslides in our area.  On that page you can find out more about slope stability, drainage, and other important aspects of our eroding coast lines.

Click the image below to be directed to the Whidbey Examiner and Justin’s article about Front St.’s very own sloughing bluff.